Friday, 22 March 2013

MCX Crude Oil Life Time High Low

MCX Crude oil Lifetime High

MCX Crude oil Lifetime High is 6333,it traded on 15.07.2008

MCX Crude oil Lifetime low

MCX Crude oil Lifetime Low is 1626,it  traded on 15.01.2009

Once MCX Crude oil made that lifetime High of 6333 at 15.07.2008,it has made Lifetime Low 0f 1626 on 15.01.2009 due to Recession.

MCX Crude oil  52 weeks High is 5635

MCX Crude oil  52 weeks low  is  4448

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  1. per month how many moment in crude oil

  2. MCX Crude Oil possible to give minimum of 200 points & Maximum of 800 Points in a month.

    Check last year Data : MCX Crude Oil Bhav Copy/Historical data of 2012 for Reference

    In One day MCX Crude Oil give minimum of 20 Points & Maximum of 200 points.